Wedding Events

Standing at the edge of the ocean between Zuma State Beach and Broad Beach, the Malibu West Beach Club occupies one of the most desirable chunks of real estate in Southern California. Glorious white sand stretches to the breaking surf, and from the facility’s deck, there’s a 180-degree panorama of the vast Pacific and miles of Malibu coastline. When it’s clear, you can see Catalina Island and the Channel Islands, and almost daily you’ll spot dolphins leaping out of the water as they swim by.

This private club built in 1962 is an unassuming two-story structure partially screened from the street behind bougainvillea and evergreen trees; you’d never know it was there if you did not go looking for it. The event space, which is on the top floor, is a beautiful large room with a high, vaulted ceiling, floor to ceiling glass walls facing the ocean and an adjacent deck.  There is also a private room off to the side of the entry for use as a bride’s room, kid’s room or whatever your event might require. Our walls are covered with Georgette Chiffon and little white sparkle lights. The rafters are also adorned in Georgette Chiffon with little white sparkle lights. There are 3 crystal chandeliers. All you really need is to add your table decor. 

Ceremonies take place on the partially covered deck over looking the coast. Guests are seated facing the ocean on the tiled 50-foot-wide deck, while bride and groom can tie the knot under a rented flower-covered arch, canopy or chuppah. Afterwards, the newlyweds and attendants are invited to go down to the beach for wedding photos. All the elements are there for fabulous pictures: sun, sand, ocean—there’s even a Baywatch-style lifeguard tower on which everyone can pose for a group shot.

Dinner and dancing are indoor activities, while sipping champagne, sampling hors d’oeuvres and lingering over a setting sun all take place on the deck. From your oceanfront perch, you’ll feel the cool breezes and taste the tang of sea salt in the air. At night, you can look up and see millions of stars being born.

Given its beachfront location, genial ambiance and affordable prices, the Club is understandably in demand.