Corporate Events

Off-site meetings at the Malibu West Beach Club not only get your people away from the office, they also allow your team to learn new skills, to think about the future without distraction, and bond together to solve critical problems.

The Beach Club provides an expansive environment that encourages creative resolutions to complex issues.
The shared use of our private beach is available for a limited number of corporate events. Please contact us for details.

Consider our Club House when you plan your next get-together:

  • off-site business meeting
  • new and current product training
  • team building exercises
  • recognition of special contributions and accomplishments
  • "wrap party"
  • product planning
  • annual budget forecasting
  • new product announcements
  • (and lots more...)

Here's a photo of our club house facility hosting a meeting between several candidates for Malibu City Council, and a number of real estate and Malibu Chamber of Commerce individuals.